My favorite game of all time:

I hope the title is clear.. yes, my personal favorite video game of all time. If I can take only one game to play for the rest of my life, it’s going to be Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams by my favorite company in the universe, Capcom. This is the MOST nostalgic game to me without a shadow of doubt. The BEST gameplay & the BEST soundtrack I have ever experienced. This game possesses the ultimate combination of Mohammad’s precious hobbies, folks. Extremely entertaining gameplay with top tier music. This is the game that leaves my mind jammed when I think about it and awards me with the inability to maintain seamless organization of ideas to begin writing.. that’s how much I love it.. what’s better than playing the dark realm for hours with such an engaging combat and amazing music? …❤️… I played it in different periods of my life, but the earlier ones are the highlightable ones of course n those what had me play it over n over again. So it’s not only because the game is very amazing, but also the memories of how I got it multiple times n who I played it with back in the day. It’s definitely the best game at its genre n I also loved the puzzles on it, I hate puzzles on video games, but the ones on this game were pretty awesome. Iconic characters n Roberto (the boxer on the far left in the picture) is my favorite character in the game, I’m OBSESSED with that character, I even named my first three PSN accounts after his name and there are people UNTIL THIS DAY refer to me as Roberto because it used to be my nickname haha!! N one of them is my main homie. I can literally see the effort put in this game because of the WIDE variety of weapons, items n accessories that you can choose from. Gameplay, soundtrack, enemies designs, the skills for each character, the places, the dark realm, the combat, the items, the puzzles, even the button sounds, etc. all are perfect to me. This game masters everything I want to see in a game. If I do have a dream that maybe eternally voided, it’s going to be witnessing a remake of this legendary game with trophies on the modern systems. Oh my god… It’s forever my top pick n my love for it by itself is a reason to continue gaming until my death day. It has an extremely special place in my heart. It’s the masterpiece of the masterpieces to me. I adore this game. I’m not gonna use the word “adore” again just to have it individually assigned for this particular game in my book. Flawless masterpiece. Here is an awesome wallpaper of the characters in the game: #OnimushaDawnOfDreams 💎

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